Khloe Kardashian Debunks Myth Of Perfect Instagram Picture With Hilarious Video

Khloe Kardashian Debunks Myth Of Perfect Instagram Picture With Hilarious Video
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Hot mama Khloe Kardashian has shared a series of videos showing the reality versus the perfect posts that she uploads on Instagram.

And they confirm that the sexy poses and photos are actually awkward and laughable in real life.

In the picture shared on social media, Tristan Thompson's baby mama puts her famous booty on display with her long blonde hair cascading on her back and a sexy look in her eyes.

Whereas in reality, the TV personality had to do all kind of crazy moves and gymnastics to find the perfect pose.

The fashion designer caption the post: "Instagram vs. Reality." Fans loved the message and told True's mom she is their favorite Kardashian.

A person said: "@khloekardashian you are the best K, and the prettiest (inside and out) .. you look amazing... I believe it's time to stop working on your outter beauty and continue you being you, passionate, positive perseverance... the best part of is you!"

Another commenter wrote: "She's crazy... now that's doing it for the gram if I have ever seen it. Love your personality! I love you Ko ko you are so beautiful your a great mother ❤️❤️❤️ your everything."

This fan laughed and added: "Omg Khloe... you're my favorite Kardashian ? love ya. You should put music to it, and you will have an Instagram workout!!! I freakin love you ? joke so beautiful, and I look up to you!! Keep shining brightly."

According to Hollywood Life , Khloe and her baby daddy have reconnected because of the California wildfires.

One friend shared: "They see so many people, including their own friends, losing so much and they are realizing what they have with each other and how they are better together as a unit than apart. Are there issues still? Absolutely! But what people are going through really is putting things into perspective.”

The pal concluded: “All the tragedy that has been going down literally in their backyard might actually be the main and most important reason they stay together. They both realize love and the love for each other is what is most important.”

The reality TV star has a unique bond with her fans.

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