Khloe Kardashian ‘Cried Tears Of Joy’ After She Found Out That She Is Pregnant

Khloe Kardashian ‘Cried Tears Of Joy’ After She Found Out That She Is Pregnant

We all know that Khloe Kardashian wanted to become a mother for a really long time. Now, her dreams came true, and she is pregnant with Tristan Thompson's baby . Here are the details on how she reacted when she found out the great news!

Khloe tried really hard to become a mother while she was married to Lamar Odom, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Now she is pregnant with her current boyfriend, and it looks like she has never been happier.

'Khloe is thrilled. She’s been waiting for this moment for so so long, and it’s finally happening. When she found out she was pregnant, she broke down and cried tears of joy. It still feels surreal because she’s thought about it for so long. She loves Tristan with all her heart and is so incredibly excited to go on this journey together,' a source close to her reveals for the public.

She couldn't be more excited that her dream has finally come true. Now she is starting a family of her own with the man she loves and who she considers to be perfect. She has gushed about him in lots of interviews.

She confessed that her relationship with Tristan is the best and the most loving one that she has ever had.

'I’ve never been in this type of love,' she told ES magazine back in April. Khloe also revealed that she and Tristan were trying for a baby.

'We’ve talked about it. He [already] is a father, and I know for a fact that he would be an excellent father,' she said about Tristan, who has a nine-month-old son with his ex Jordan Craig. Khloe added, 'I definitely want to be a mom.'

After the news of Khloe’s pregnancy, there are now allegedly three Kardashian-Jenner babies on their way, and they'll be arriving around the same time. Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West are reportedly expecting a baby daughter via a surrogate in January 2018, while Kylie Jenner is allegedly pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott and due in February 2018, just like Khloe.


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