Khloe Kardashian Claps Back At Troll Who Made This Comment About Baby True Thompson's Pictures -- Did She Strike The Right Note?

Khloe Kardashian Claps Back At Troll Who Made This Comment About Baby True Thompson's Pictures -- Did She Strike The Right Note?
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Khloe Kardashian has been actively posting about her life on social media, recently revealing exciting moments from her vacation together with sister Kim Kardashian and friend La La Anthony.

There have been lots of photos already, with most of them showing everyone having a great time, eating and playing around the beach, and one picture even showed a wild boar.

However, as is usual in these situations, not all of Khloe's fans were trying to be supportive. One tried trolling the reality TV star by asking her why her daughter was so black in one of the photos.

Khloe immediately responded with "Do you mean why is she stunningly beautiful? God made her this beautiful thanks for asking".

And while many pointed out that the comeback probably sounded wittier in Khloe's head, it seems to have done its job as it successfully shut down the attempts to target her baby girl.

Still, Tristan Thompson's baby mama also had to deal with a range of other comments criticizing her parenting skills, with one person, in particular, accusing her of using her daughter as an accessory in her pictures.

However, Khloe responded by merely stating that she is doing what any parent would do --- she is creating beautiful moments together with her family, and making sure that they are going to be remembered in the future.

One fan said this: "Beautiful memories 💕 I'm so happy you're relaxing, this photo reminds me of our adventure last year to Mustique with your little your momma & little Angel. I love you.💕🌸💗"

Another commenter wrote: "Trues skin tone is absolutely stunning! ❤️Beautiful babies in the sand!!! These make my heart smile so much 😍😍💙💙- it’s All Love."

This person revealed: "Yes True with the beautiful glowing brown skin!!!!! You are my favorite absolute favorite Khloe, and I love reading your posts. 🦋 So precious!! There are so many of us mamas that draw our strength from our babies & you’re blessed with that beautiful lil princess!!! ❤️Why are some of all of you bothered with her complexion? This is a beautiful and healthy baby, that should be enough. People are weird...smh!"

A fourth supporter shared this comment: "I told you she was going to be darker and I'm glad you stopped using those filters to make her lighter! We as black people KNOW when a baby at a few months how dark, she/he will be. We look at the ears and fingertips! @khloekardashian Take notes, Khole!!"

Khloe does not play with critics of her child.

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