Khloe Kardashian Asks Fans For Help About Biracial Dolls And She Did Not Get The Answers She Wanted

Khloe Kardashian Asks Fans For Help About Biracial Dolls And She Did Not Get The Answers She Wanted
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A frustrated Khloe Kardashian took to social media to ask for help with a special gift for True Thompson and things went south fairly quickly because critics think she is trying to get the media's attention.

Tristan Thompson's baby mama recently took to Twitter where she asked other mothers to suggest the name of companies that make cute biracial dolls.

The reality TV star said she was freaked out by the lifelike dolls that even have private parts.

Khloe explained: "Anyone know what brand makes a sweet looking biracial baby doll? Nothing too lifelike. Those silicone babies really freak me out! Some look so real and some look."

She went on to say: "Baby dolls are terrifying these days! Why are they making these dolls so scary looking? Why though? Since when did they make baby doll private parts?? And who can I speak to about these belly buttons?"

One fan replied: "That’s what I was thinking! Why do they need to be anatomically correct and why are the female private parts so large? That’s just so creepy because I know there’s a creepy person wanting these for their pleasure, not therapy!To be honest, not all kids need to play with a doll that looks exactly like them... I agree that there are no biracial dolls how does that look? I feel if a child is mixed then you buy a white an a black doll..simple she can play with both a mommy can explain you are both of these...whats complicated??? Just get all kinds of dolls is all you have to do."

Another commenter stated: "They’re reborns. They’re more for collecting than for children to play with. That’s why. They’ve been around for a long time, usually used for women that have experienced infertility or infant/pregnancy loss."

This person said haters need to stop bashing Khloe and added: "I disagree with everyone bashing her. Now "biracial" doll, I feel is her trying to be PC. I'm black &mexican. My dad never let me play with white dolls. I always, always, ALWAYS had a black doll, Asian or latin doll. I never ever had a white doll unless it was a gift. Even then my dad would correct them and tell them to get me a black doll. It's important for children to play with toys that look like them! That's the REAL POINT here. Its building confidence in the child. I completely stand by Klhoe. But yea she shoulda kept it plain and simple. Girl, you want a black doll okay."

Khloe is always getting in trouble with her followers.

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