Khloe Kardashian And True Thompson Spend Thanksgiving With Tristan - Fans Ask About His Firstborn

Khloe Kardashian And True Thompson Spend Thanksgiving With Tristan - Fans Ask About His Firstborn
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While Khloe Kardashian is definitely grateful for her precious baby girl True Thompson, we bet that Tristan Thompson is thankful for being given a second chance. Or, at least, the chance to spend Thanksgiving with his baby girl.

Tristan had both Khloe and True in Cleveland for the holiday and he seems really happy.

Khloe and Tristan shared pics of their Thanksgiving celebration, and he showed off the feast which included multiple plates of delicious looking appetizers, cookies and more.

There's also a family photo with the three of them, and if we did not know what happened a while ago, we'd say that they're the happiest family ever.

'Khloe is nice & supportive. there’s more to a companion than looks. Black women need to work on their personalities,' someone commented.

Another person asked about Tristan's baby boy: 'Where his firstborn tho ? it seems like he spends all his free time with the billionaire baby.'

Someone said 'That's just sad u don't want that kinda strength cause at the end of the day it's all about that little girl.'

Another commenter wrote 'Anybody else starts out smiling looking at Khloe, then sweet baby True....then curled that lip up at Tristan. I'm still mad.'

One person slammed Khloe and wrote 'she’s the thirstiest of all the Kardashian females. Hungry asf to find a high profile Blackballer to impregnate her.'

An insider close to Khloe knows more about her decision to spend the holiday with Tristan.

The source told Hollywood Life that Khloe decided to head out to Cleveland. 'Khloe has agreed to sacrifice going home to California to be with the rest of her family. That way, at least Tristan, she and True can all be together.'

Recently, Khloe highlighted in public that Tristan did not leave Jordan Craig for her .


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