Khloe Kardashian And Baby Daddy Tristan Thompson Do Not See Eye To Eye About The Status Of Their Relationship

Khloe Kardashian And Baby Daddy Tristan Thompson Do Not See Eye To Eye About The Status Of Their Relationship
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It has been about one year since Khloe Kardashian, 35, and Tristan Thompson, 28, officially announced their breakup, but as of recently, the pair has been seen getting close and cozy with each other again.

Many of their fans and even family members have been wondering what is going on? Is there a possible reconciliation for True Thompson's parents?

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that neither Khloe nor Tristan has been romantically involved with other people for almost a year, but that does not mean that they are getting back with each other.

The person close to the reality TV talent and basketball star explained: “Khloe and Tristan are taking things extremely slow and just talking more. They are not at all back together but are taking small steps to see if they can get there. They are not trying for a baby at all right now. Everything they’re doing is at an extremely slow pace. They’re talking and communicating a lot more and often. It seems they’d both like to try to make things work.”

The insider went on to say: “What changed for Khloe around the new year was she realized that Tristan was making positive changes for their family, and she really wants to see if she can make it work not only for True’s sake but for her own. She never really got over Tristan, and she knows the love she has for him won’t just go away and isn’t easy to find.”

Another source told the website that while Tristan is working hard to win Khloe back, thus far, it is not really working.

The person revealed: “Tristan is all in on getting Khloe back in his life. He wants to rekindle the love they had, and he is trying to figure out how to make that all happen.”

The insider went on to say: “Tristan saying he wants to go all-in on winning Khloe back, of course, makes her feel good, but she’s let him and everyone around her know that she’s not interested in doing anything other than co-parenting with him. Things have gotten so much better between them, but she would never be able to trust him again after he cheated on her. Khloe has worked really hard to move on and learn to trust again."

Fans of the couple are happy that the status of their relationship is slowly improving.


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