Khloe Kardashian Admits That She ‘Was Screaming’ In Horror When Kim Told Her Lamar Odom Died The Day Of OD

Khloe Kardashian Admits That She ‘Was Screaming’ In Horror When Kim Told Her Lamar Odom Died The Day Of OD

Khloe Kardashian finally opened up about one of her most traumatic experiences during the forthcoming KUWTK special. She recalled having an emotional breakdown after she heard that Lamar Odom 'died' back in 2015.

Even if Khloe and Lamar are no longer a couple, she will always care about his well-being. She just revealed how she felt during his traumatic 2015 hospitalization.

This was shown during the new September 21 promo released for the forthcoming 10th Anniversary Special of Keeping Up With the Kardashians show.

'On the plane, they said he died,' Khloe shared alongside her sisters, remembering the time when Lamar was in a coma and when he was placed on life support after being found unconscious at a brothel in Nevada.

'Someone faked it. I was screaming. But to think, and to go through the motions as if someone has passed away is the most traumatic thing to do, and then to know they’re alive...It was too many emotions, I think, for any of us to handle.'

But, luckily, Lamar is quite fine, and he is doing much better these days.

'I landed in London, and the first text that popped into my phone was from [Kim Kardashian], and it had said that Lamar passed away. And I immediately started sobbing on the plane,' Kendall Jenner confessed while getting emotional about Khloe’s heartbreak.

'Then I got the next text came through, saying, ‘OK, actually, he’s OK, but he’s not doing well.’ So that’s why I was so upset because I wanted to be there to say goodbye.'

Khloe even put her divorce from Lamar on hold to care for him after what had happened and the whole drama with his hospitalization.

Their divorce was eventually finalized in Demeber 2016, and both of them now wish each other only the best.

Lamar confessed that he’s still on good terms with Khloe, during an August 2017 interview with In Touch.

'I just texted her yesterday,' he stated, 'I don’t think she hates me even though she has every reason to.'

Khloe is currently in love with Cleveland Cavaliers star, Tristan Thompson and they seem to be happier than ever, and they even want a baby girl .

'I kind of have a type, I guess,' she admitted in another KUWTK promo. 'I don’t know what that is, but I was put on a blind date with Tristan, and that’s how I met Tristan.'


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