Keyshia Cole's Fans Defend Her After Sharing First Picture Of Her New Baby Boy With Daniel Hiram Gibson, Jr.

Keyshia Cole's Fans Defend Her After Sharing First Picture Of Her New Baby Boy With Daniel Hiram Gibson, Jr.
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Congrats are in order for Keyshia Cole, 37, and her boyfriend Niko Khale, 23, on the birth of their bouncy baby boy and he is already Instagram famous.

The couple welcomed their first child together on August 1st. Keyshia shared a series of photos chronicling the arrival of her son, who was born at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, via a planned Cesarean section.

Keyshia happily shared a few pictures with Daniel Hiram Gibson, Jr. holding his baby brother and the Internet had some harsh comments prompting her fans to defend her.

One person said: "Congratulations!!! He looks like such a proud big bro ❤️ SO happy for their family. Only ones making fun of her son are BLACK FOLKS PERIOD!! I promise we fake love each other for hype or when it’s convenient BUT on the flip side be tearing each other down and then scream where’s the justice and hate being profiled etc. but be doing to our own!! This boy isn’t doing anything but holding a baby and all of you calling him all types of sweet, look like a girl and looking like Tamala Mann."

Another fan stated: "Damn. She has a lot of people in that room. When I give birth, it’s a no flex zone. Stay away. Just me and the baby bonding."

This follower wrote: "Happy for Keyshia like she’s family- warmest wishes & love 💕 🎉🙏🏾 congrats. The fact all of you in these comments talking about her oldest son is disgusting! All of you wonder why suicide is at an all-time high right now. Don’t forget this boy has social media and can read. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ Daniel JR you are beautiful you are loved! And your haircut looks just fine !! Stay up young king 🤴🏽 😘"

A fourth supporter revealed: "He so excited👌congratulations on your little bundle of joy💜💜AGREED I loveeee LEO ♌️ people. I know so many leos their vibes are unmatched and their goodness if you get it NEVER lose it match their loyalty. I learned that the hard way and ever since all my leo friends and family I keep CLOSE! They are trupureiritual, loving, straight up, honest, and loyal beings! Just return what they give plus more. I’m a Taurus, and my stubborn issues have caused me more problems than one. I had to go to counseling to mentally change it. 2 years and I’m good. Choose wisely 😴❤️"

Many are eager to see the baby's face.

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