Keyshia Cole Opens Up About O.T. Genasis's Latest Inappropriate And Cruel Comments About Her

Keyshia Cole Opens Up About O.T. Genasis's Latest Inappropriate And Cruel Comments About Her
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O.T. Genasis's obsession with Keyshia Cole has gotten out control at this point. The rapper has been attacking and ridiculing her for several months now, but many assumed that it was over because he recently had a baby boy, and there is a world crisis going on.

As it turns out, O.T. Genasis has a lot of free time on his hands, and recently he appeared on Instagram Live, where he made rude and inappropriate comments about her personal hygiene.

The MC shockingly said: “She ain’t sh*t. Keyshia Cole ain’t sh*t. I am. I’m the sh*t. Keyshia Cole ain’t. Co*chie smelling like fish sticks. That’s what’s going on. Co*chie smelling like fish sticks. Keyshia Cole pu*sy smelling like fish sticks [laughs]. Nah, I’m not gon’ talk about her.”

Unlike the last time when he got away with bullying with Keyshia, now many are now blasting him and telling him to stop with the cruelty.

Keyshia recently did an interview with Ari Lennox where she spoke about the situation. Keyshia stated: "That’s why I was so…like honestly—I’m just not going to talk about that situation—but it just pissed me off so much because you know, at a time that everybody was going through so much in the Black community, getting killed and all that and you want to do a whole song that I wrote about love and make it about shooting and killing and bang-banging. Like Yoooo, sir. And then get mad that I say that I don’t like what you did that I wanted to preserve the integrity of my music. And then just bully and bully and continue to bully."

Keyshia went on to say: "I just don’t understand why it feels like—I was just having a conversation with MC Lyte—she’s such a sweetheart. And I was just saying how it felt like I was so unprotected. Not even just in the light of ‘Okay, it doesn’t matter what nobody says. You can just ignore it. Save your piece and call it a day.’ But it was more so like the more that I tried to speak up for myself or say how I didn’t like something, and it was like no, ‘You come from the hood. You really ain’t sh*t. Your mom was on drugs your whole life.’ You don’t really have a right to feel what you feel about what you’ve created. Lighten up. Why are you taking everything so seriously? It was just a joke."

Keyshia added: "That’s the cold part. I actually tried to get in touch with him through a few people I know in the business. Like, ‘Do you know this guy? Is he okay? Is he stressed out?’ It should have been more like ‘My agenda didn’t fit your agenda. I apologize for that. I didn’t mean any disrespect when I did it.’ Then it would have just been the end of that. But you know how it be."

This mess is getting ugly.

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