Keyshia Cole Is Glowing In New Intimate Date Photo With Niko 'Khale' Hale As Fans Continue To Ask For The Name Of Their Baby Boy

Keyshia Cole Is Glowing In New Intimate Date Photo With Niko 'Khale' Hale  As Fans Continue To Ask For The Name Of Their Baby Boy
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Having one's first child is always a stressful experience, and Keyshia Cole (the singer is already mom to a 9-year-old boy) and Niko “Khale” Hale seem to be experiencing the full force of that recently.

Still, the two have managed to make some time for each other, as according to recent reports, they have been spotted going out together and having a great date night out on the town.

Some pictures of their recent date have surfaced on social media, as neither of the two has been shy to show off the progress they have been making in their relationship.

Both looked amazing, and quite happy to be in each other's company as they enjoyed dinner. The gifted singer, who is also mom to Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., had a massive smile on her face as she held on to Niko's arm.

It is clear that they have a lot of admiration for each other, and many of their fans have pointed out that they make a perfect couple both in public as well as in private.

They have not been sharing much about their new life as parents, although that will likely come with time.

Keyshia and Niko have not yet revealed the name of their baby boy nor a single photo of his face.

It is normal for celebrities to be a bit secretive about their newborns shortly after introducing them to the world -- with some exceptions of course -- and it will likely take a while before fans start seeing some more details.

Fans are happy that they are spending more time with each other as well, as they have made it clear that they appreciate each other's company.

One fan said this about the cute photo: "Y’all too cute remember always to keep God in the middle of your relationship, and it will last lifetime blessings to both of y’all. And congratulations on the new baby."

Another commenter stated: "Your bond is so dope to watch. I'm happy for you both but very happy for Keyshia. Keep the love flowing🙏🙏."

This follower revealed: "Thank you for genuinely loving her and making her smile God bless you and her and congratulations on the new baby may you guys have much happiness.I’m so happy for you both she needed a Good man cause she is a beautiful and deserves the best ❤️💯💯❤️💯."

Fans say what they are doing is very smart.

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