Keyshia Cole Gives An Emotional Update On Her Mother, Francine 'Frankie' Lons, Who Has Been In Rehab For 30 Days

Keyshia Cole Gives An Emotional Update On Her Mother, Francine 'Frankie' Lons, Who Has Been In Rehab For 30 Days
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Keyshia Cole has decided to give fans an emotional update on her mother, Francine “Frankie” Lons, who has decided to enter rehab to seek the proper help she needs to fight against her many addictions.

The “Let It Go” singer took to social media and she posted a sweet photo where she is hugging her mother and explained thanks to the power of love, Frankie has had a great 30-day stay at the rehab facility.

The 38-year-old mother of two told her followers: "Do you believe in the power of love?
What about lack thereof? 50/50
There’s strength in knowing there’s something or someone you can always lean back on. Someone to catch u when u fall. I’ve been being strong for you, hoping I’ll get a chance to feel that feeling from you. The thought of me feeling on top of the world.🤔🤷🏽‍♀️🥰
30 days THIS THURSDAY..... this isn’t to discredit ANYONE this post is simply to say, that I’m proud of you shawty 😇 AKA #FrankDaBank 😘 #LetEMKno #MommiesMatter."

Many reached out to the singer and one person said: "Keyshia, I’m proud of you, you are the glue that keeps your family together. I’m praying for your mom."

Another commenter stated: "I loveeeee the way you love your mom. Addiction is hard. You don’t have to be there, but it’s so much better when they have support. Frankie, we are rooting for you!!"

This follower had this to reveal: "I don’t care what she goes through, I will always love Frankie! 💕
Yes stick by her she is a wonderful person everybody need a back bone in there life😍😍don’t every Gave up."

A fourth backer shared: "And that's what's up God bless you I'm so proud of you Keyshia Cole's that you continue to Hold Your Mother Down and that's what's up some people here don't have and I'm one of those mother and father is gone but you always holding your mother down no matter what and that's what's up may God continue to bless y'all up from your head to your feet and Katina whole your mother and keep her up like you're doing, and you watch how God can I continue to bless you my sister amen y'all take care of what's up Frankie God bless keep your head up."

The R&B diva is trying to deal with her family issues.

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