Keyshia Cole Finally Gives A Glimpse Of Her Baby Boy In New Picture And Fans Are Calling Niko 'Khale' Kale's GF Out

Keyshia Cole Finally Gives A Glimpse Of Her Baby Boy In New Picture And Fans Are Calling Niko 'Khale' Kale's GF Out
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Keyshia Cole and her boyfriend, Niko “Khale” Hale, recently welcomed a baby boy into the world and fans are eagerly waiting for the first picture of the child and his name.

The talented diva decided to give a little glimpse of her baby in a photo posted on social media, and supporters are not too happy. The picture shows the baby’s tiny feet, but his face is not visible.

One fan called out Keyshia for teasing them: “Keep your child to yo self; we don’t care. Just like we won’t care to watch your New show. Share your whole pregnancy, but hide your son, chit be weird. Got regular, nonfamous folks doing this Corny chit.”

A defender stated: “Why do people get upset about baby pictures like these ? they can choose whether or not they wanna show their child, who tf are you to be in a comment section crying ‘don’t show if you’re not gonna show the whole baby.”

Keyshia, who is already a mother of an adorable boy, had another baby boy with boyfriend Niko.

The announcement came on Instagram, where the singer and reality TV star posted a photo of her 10-year-old son, Daniel Gibson Jr. holding the newborn in his arms.

The couple has even announced their intention to show the actual birth of the child on air.

Keyshia also pointed out that she was coming back to the little screen in a recent Instagram post, where she confirmed that she has already gone through her first week of filming.

It is not known precisely when her fans are going to see her back on BET. She has quite a lot of experience with reality shows under her belt already.

She has been involved in various TV productions in the past, including one with Daniel Gibson Sr, her former husband.

On that note, it is interesting to point out that the divorce between the two is still not finalized because they are still dealing with issues regarding spousal support and custody.

It does not look like the diva is planning to give up custody of her boy anytime soon though, so her fans should probably relax in the knowledge that nothing bad is going to happen on this front.

Keyshia is making the right business moves at the moment.

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