Keyshia Cole And Boyfriend Niko Khale Are The Champions Of This TikTok Challenge Thanks To This Impressive Video

Keyshia Cole And Boyfriend Niko Khale Are The Champions Of This TikTok Challenge Thanks To This Impressive Video
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It appears that Keyshia Cole and her partner, Niko Khale, have found the perfect hobby while staying under quarantine, as the two celebrities took to Instagram recently to show off their envious dancing skills in a TikTok challenge.

On March 31, Khale updated his Instagram page with a new video clip, in which he and Cole were moving passionately to the rhythm of the music playing in the background.

At one point in the video, the hit from Slim Burna, "Oh Na Na Na" begins, and both Khale and Cole can be seen dancing enthusiastically to the tune.

Khale captioned his post with the explanation that he had challenged his partner to a dance and asked their numerous followers about their opinion on the dance.

Fans appreciated the video clip, as the footage was quickly liked by thousands of people, and a lot of followers took to the comment section to express their emotions.

A supporter stated: "My heart will hurt if they split. And I personally do NOT know them" in combination with a few heart emojis, while another claimed that Keyshia Cole couldn't do no wrong because she was "one of theee most triilllllllest artist," who was "classy, beautiful with just the right amount of hood."

A second fan said: "I swear Keyshia can’t do no wrong 😩😩. She’s one of the most triilllllllest artist. Classy, beautiful with just alter right amount of hood."

Another backer shared: "Awee this so cute meanwhile me and mine to damn goofy and can’t get right for sh*t 🙄The world is boring everybody tick tok🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤣... I like this❤️"

This person explained: "Totally Agree!. Homey, lover, friend type of woman♥️Y’all are just so cute together love y’all From Vegas."

A fifth commenter added: "@keyshiacole to be honest @keyshiacole ya kinda just killed it just a little better, so you’re TikTok definitely needed to be added to this post! I’m just saying, but y’all are definitely too cute together!!!❤️🔥👌🏽🙌🏽"

The renowned singer made the headlines recently when it became known that she was trying to help her son with his studies during the period of social-distancing.

As a result, it appears that the celebrity has become very appreciative of the teaching profession, as she posted online, "Thought this was so funny!! But seriously, TEACHERS! We APPRECIATE YOU ALL!!!! The love IS REAL!!!"

The couple is handling the quarantine well.

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