Kevin Spacey's Sexual Assault Case Settled Following Accuser's Death

Kevin Spacey's Sexual Assault Case Settled Following Accuser's Death
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Kevin Spacey's sexual assault case was recently settled following the death of one of the accusers, a report from The Hollywood Reporter revealed. Reportedly, the lawsuit brought against the actor from an unknown massage therapist was dropped and all parties, including Spacey, his team, and the complainant, filed documents, ending the legal dispute.

Named in the case as "John Doe," the man claimed Kevin demanded him to touch his genitals twice during a massage at his home in Malibu, California. Initially, the judge in the case allowed the case to continue despite Kevin's objection that the person hid their identity.

Following his death, the accuser's lawyers told Kevin's team of the news and they subsequently filed a notice of death in court, which kicked off a three-month timer for the complainant's estate to replace him in the case.

The special administrator who took over the case on the complainant's behalf, in addition to Spacey, filed a stipulation to drop the case with prejudice, which means they can't be filed in a court again. Thus far, the terms of the deal haven't been revealed to the public.

Interestingly, this comes after the news of the death of another Kevin Spacey accuser, Ari Behn, the Norwegian author who killed himself . Kevin also dropped a new Instagram video in which he portrayed his Frank Underwood character.

The Norwegian author's sexual assault claims were published by Nick Markus earlier this year, where he explained that he had a conversation with Kevin and following a nice little chat, Kevin grabbed his "b*lls" underneath the table.

As it was previously reported, Kevin has managed to get off on charges and civil lawsuits repeatedly since he was first accused of molestation by Anthony Rapp back in late 2017, following the wave of allegations that came after the Weinstein scandal.

Anthony accused Mr. Spacey of trying to sexually seduce him at a party one evening following a play they worked on together. Kevin was in his late 20s at that time, and Anthony was just 14.

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