Kevin Spacey's Civil Suit Suddenly Dropped

Kevin Spacey's Civil Suit Suddenly Dropped
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According to a report from PageSix, Kevin Spacey's busboy sexual harassment lawsuit was dropped claims his lawyer on Friday. This past Wednesday, the young man who filed the suit filed for dismissal in a Massachusetts Superior Court claims Spacey's lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian.

Reportedly, the filing cannot be refiled because it was done so "with prejudice," and the man isn't seeking for the costs of attornies. Moreover, it hasn't been revealed whether there was a settlement or not. Spacey's lawyer refused to comment further.

As it was previously reported, the young man accused Kevin of giving him alcoholic beverages and touching him repeatedly at the Club Car Restaurant back in July of 2016. At the time of the incident, the busboy, who was 18-years-old, was working at the Nantucket establishment.

Kevin, whose real name is actually Kevin Fowler, was charged with battery and indecent assault, however, that case hasn't gone to trial yet. Kevin has vehemently denied the allegations against him, which there have been many ever since Anthony Rapp came out with his story at the height of the #MeToo movement.

Things took a turn for the worse for Kevin back in late 2017 when Anthony Rapp came out on social media to accuse Kevin of trying to have sex with him at a house party in the 1980s when he was 14-years-old and Kevin was 26-years-old.

After Anthony came out with his story of supposed victimization, many others came out to say that Kevin was sexually aggressive and would, in many cases, bully and harass others.

Another star to say that Kevin's behavior was unbecoming was The Walking Dead star, Jon Bernthal, who landed a role in Netflix's critically acclaimed The Punisher series.

Following the allegations, Kevin was fired from the set of the immensely successful production, House Of Cards, a nd was also edited out of the scenes in the film, All The Money In The World . He was replaced with Christopher Plummer at the last minute and many of the scenes were reshot.

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