Kevin Smith Speaks On Whether George Carlin Will Appear In New Bill And Ted Movie

Kevin Smith Speaks On Whether George Carlin Will Appear In New Bill And Ted Movie
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On the 25th of July, 2020, Kevin Smith may have revealed something special about the upcoming film, Bill and Ted Face The Music. While at the panel for the virtual 2020 Comic-Con, the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back director touched on the new movie.

Kevin shared what it was like to watch the final film of the franchise, claiming that it made him very "emotional," Billboard claims. Kevin said he cried his eyes out during the last half-an-hour of the film.

Kevin went on to say his tears weren't tears of disappointment, as if the studios ruined the legendary franchise, but instead, tears of joy at what they managed to do with it. He claims Bill and Ted Face The Music is "adorable," and it's a fun flick during "hopeless times."

Regarding the George Carlin cameo, Kevin explained how seeing George suddenly "pop up" for a second was "everything." He suddenly recanted his statement and claimed he may have made a mistake by mentioning it.

As it was previously reported, George Carlin died when he was 71-years-old in 2008. He died from heart failure. Of course, fans of the franchise know this isn't the only time George Carlin's name has been mentioned in relation to it.

Previously, the screenwriters, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon said to reporters from Fandango that there would a tribute to the legendary stand-up comedian. Furthermore, one of the characters, Kelly Carlin, is named after the comic.

Bill and Ted Face The Music was originally supposed to come out on the 21st of August, however, it was postponed until the 1st of September on account of the pandemic. According to Billboard, it'll come out in theaters as well as on streaming platforms.

Fans of Smith know he and George Carlin had a personal and professional relationship. George made appearances in a number of his films, including in the cult classic, Dogma, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. In the former, George portrayed a Catholic bishop, and in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, he starred as a dubiously wise hitch-hiker.

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