Kevin Smith Says He's In The Process Of Writing The Script For Clerks III

Kevin Smith Says He's In The Process Of Writing The Script For Clerks III
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According to a report from MovieWeb, Kevin Smith recently announced that Clerks III already has a script written. While at the San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, the director revealed he was working on a script for a second sequel to his iconic movie.

Kevin was actually at Comic-Con on account of his latest movie, the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot , which will see him return to the View Askew universe he first created back in 1994 with his independently created film, Clerks.

Kevin didn't bring up the topic of Clerks III on his own. A fan probed him on the possibility of a sequel, and the writer/director stated he had written the first draft of the script which was something he's extremely proud of. With that said, however, the star said the screenplay doesn't accurately reflect his life and ethos these days.

Reportedly, Kevin Smith rekindled his relationship with Hollywood star, Ben Affleck, and it gave him a sense of motivation for creating the new Clerks III movie. In the past, it was Jeff Anderson, who portrayed Randall, who played a role in the third installment not coming to fruition.

As fans of the iconic director know, Kevin Smith's career was kicked off in a massive way with the release of Clerks, which was independently written and produced on a shoe-string budget. It screened at Sundance and audiences and critics loved it.

In 2006, the director released a sequel to the movie, Clerks II, and it was a success as well. Jay and Silent Bob, his latest movie, is set to arrive in theaters in October, and he and his longtime friend and companion, Jason Mewes, are traveling across the nation to promote it.

As it was previously reported, Kevin recently took some time off to work on his health following a heart attack that nearly took his life. Following the health crisis, the director went on the vegan diet and lost dozens of pounds. The difference in appearence is striking.

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