Kevin Smith And Jason Mewes Will Create Weed Strain In Promotion Of New Jay And Silent Bob Movie

Kevin Smith And Jason Mewes Will Create Weed Strain In Promotion Of New Jay And Silent Bob Movie
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes promoted their upcoming remake of the Jay And Silent Bob movie this weekend. During a chat with journalists from The Hollywood Reporter, the director said it was "nice" to finally deal real weed after portraying marijuana peddlers for years.

Jason and Kevin introduced their signature strain of weed while at the West Hollywood Herbarium Recreation Dispensary. Reportedly, there were hundreds of fans in the parking lot outside of the dispensary to not only meet the director but also get their hands on the very special strain of marijuana.

Even though Jay and Silent Bob's beginning in the entertainment world started small, the notorious characters have since become some of the most iconic and beloved in the panorama of cinema. For the first time ever, Kevin and Jason appeared in the 1994 movie, Clerks, in which they starred as the stoner drug deals who hung outside of a convenience store.

According to Kevin, there is a specific reason for their characters' staying power. The director laid much of the responsibility on Jason Mewes, in fact, stating that Jason was arguably one of the most unique people he has ever met.

Kevin explained that Jason has energy, aura, and comfort about him that people respond to in a very peculiar manner. Regarding their recent step into the marijuana selling world, Kevin explained that it was truly "amazing" to experience what their characters did in real life.

There's no question that the director has cultivated a massive cult following among his fanbase, mostly on account of his effort to create a personal connection with them. Daniel Fitzgerald, from Arleta, also spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about why Smith has never lost his relationship with fans.

Fitzgerald described Kevin as "one of us," even after spending thirty years in the spotlight. "He's still very much a part of nerd culture." Kevin has made several cult films, including Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back , Clerks, and Dogma.

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