Kevin O'Leary Was Reportedly Out For Dinner When His Wife Was Charged In Boat Crash Incident

Kevin O'Leary Was Reportedly Out For Dinner When His Wife Was Charged In Boat Crash Incident
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According to a report from Page Six, Kevin O'Leary wasn't there with his partner, Linda O'Leary, when police slapped her with charges related to the boat crash in Canada last month.

Kevin, 65, was spotted hanging out with his friends at Scarpetta, in Manhattan, on the same day that the officials from the Ontario police charged Linda O'Leary, 56, with "careless operation of a vessel." An insider who spoke with Page Six claimed that Kevin appeared as though he was really enjoying himself while hanging out with friends.

The driver of the other boat was also charged as well, so one can't lay the blame solely on Linda. The man in the other boat was charged with "failing to exhibit navigation lights while underway." The attorney of the entrepreneur's wife claimed that the boat was without lights on a dark night.

As it was previously reported, the Canadian police were investigating the boat crash involving Kevin O'Leary, the Shark Tank star, and his wife which led to the death of two people. Previously, the Canadian authorities were refusing to confirm or deny whether Kevin, Linda, or the other passengers and drivers would receive criminal charges.

Speaking with reporters from The Sun, Joe Scali from the Ontario Police claimed that the investigation was underway and details wouldn't be revealed until it was appropriate. On the 24th of August, Linda and Kevin crashed into another boat while on Lake Joseph.

Both Gary Poltash and Suzana Brito passed away in the incident. Kevin and Linda claimed the other boat didn't have its navigation lights on and thus, they couldn't see it on that dark night. Furthermore, authorities claimed both parties left the scene of the accident.

The police tested Linda for alcohol and drugs, and she passed both of them. It was reported last month that a videotape existed showing the crash, however, sources close to either party didn't confirm it. Canadian police stated they had a special marine team investigating the altercation.

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