Kevin McCall Explains Why He Thinks He Isn't Allowed To See Either Of His Children

Kevin McCall Explains Why He Thinks He Isn't Allowed To See Either Of His Children
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Kevin McCall is a father of two but neither one of his baby's mothers allows him to see his biological children. The R&B crooner took to Instagram to go on a rant about why he believes that he is being 'kept away' from his children.

In an Instagram video, Kevin responds to the notion that since two women have the same claims about him -- they must be right.

He disagrees with the thought and suggests that it is due to the fact that both of his exes wanted to do anything that they could to keep him which is why they both came up with the narrative.

He also says that the baby mama drama is a result of having sex before marriage.

It's safe to say that social media users were not here for the bizarre statements .

'Restraining orders are not easy to get. The permanent ones are even harder to get. That means the temporary ones were violated with numerous contact attempts or , with a threat of bodily harm or death. This Kevin dude DID SOMETHING MOST HORRIBLE and is appealing to all the low lives who hate and stereotype black women. He's a parasite,' pointed out one.


'sounds like no self accountability! Nobody is perfect, but accept the role you played in not seeing your kids,' added another.

This person said: 'Sometimes, COMPLETELY owning up to your fuck-ups and acknowledging exactly what other people experienced during your fuck-ups, is the key to real change, healing and reconnections... Deflecting will never change things for the better.'

While one person who was seemingly on is side gave him some advice that read: 'You right but then when you fight for them don’t get suckered into acting a fool at court ... keep a straight head and don’t hand over the ammunition that takes you out.'

What do you think about Kevin's statements?

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