Kevin McCall Asks Rickey Smiley For Help And Denies Domestic Violence Claims

Kevin McCall Asks Rickey Smiley For Help And Denies Domestic Violence Claims
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Kevin McCall has been released from jail and wants to clear his name. He took to social media to ask Rickey Smiley for help and to deny the domestic abuse claims against him.

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Eva Marcille was open and honest about her abusive relationship with the songwriter. She revealed that she left the man once the abuse didn't stop after she gave birth to her baby girl.

Earlier this year, McCall took to Instagram to post a video that claimed he wasn't able to see his two children.

Not long after, it was revealed that he was arrested and charged with one felony count of injuring a spouse or cohabitant. It wasn't until then his former supporters decided to believe Eva's story.


Kevin was confronted by commentators on a biblical quote that he posted to Instagram. After being accused of being a 'woman beater' by multiple people, McCall posted a comment that read: "When these lame charges get dropped. And this lie is exposed. Keep that same energy. Woman beaters should get beat by a pack of Angry men, when the charges get dropped what should happen to everyone who called me a woman beater and slandered my name I worked so hard to build? What happens to the liars who tried to burry me alive? God will prevail."

He also tweeted a request at Rickey Smiley.

"@rickeysmiley Brother Smiley, sending blessing to you and your lovely family...Brother smily, I need some advice from one big brother to little brother, If you find time tap in with me friendship is essential to the soul... Psalms 133."

He accompanied a screenshot of the tweet alongside a caption that read, in part: "HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE Can't say I didn't try... We are quick to tear one another down despite never seeing any proof or background check on the's extremely bias but growing up my entire life being an Alpha male (a buff Dark skinned one at that) has taught me how bear the fruit of the spirit our father calls Long suffering."

The singer also revealed that he and his fiance have a baby on the way.

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