Kevin McCall And Claudia Jordan Duke It Out On Social Media Following Dinner Rant

Kevin McCall And Claudia Jordan Duke It Out On Social Media Following Dinner Rant
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Kevin McCall found himself at the top of headlines once again but not for a good reason. Fans of the rapper know he and Eva have a child together, and while they do their best to co-parent amicably, it doesn't always work out the way they want.

The former rapper has a new beef now, except this time, it's with Claudia Jordan. Claudia Jordan, a member of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, was the one to reveal her not-so-positive opinion of Mr. Kevin McCall.

Reported first by Baller Alert, the outlet claims McCall talked badly about Claudia Jordan following her comment on a social media video featuring the rapper scolding a woman while on a date. The publication started out with Kevin and his girl enjoying their dinner until a fight broke out.

One person wrote in response to the video that Mr. McCall didn't have to be "rude," and it wasn't an excuse to behave erratically. McCall said back, "You supposed to give a person the opportunity to learn you, what you like and dislike before you go off on them."

Reportedly, the rapper took issue with the fact the woman was getting too close to him right away without learning what kind of man he was. The rapper scolded the woman for trying to reach over and touch his hand, as well as feed him.

In the video, the woman asks him why he's recording the whole affair, and the rapper asks why it would matter, to begin with, before going on to say that he didn't need "your money," or "your meal." He claims he was just asking for respect.

She told him she was giving him respect right from the start of the date, and he only became more enraged, before going on to say that he was going to throw the meal on the floor. The recording was subsequently shared online, and Claudia Jordan was one such person to comment on it and share it.

"This makes me sad," the reality star wrote in the post. McCall continued his rant by stating that if Claudia had a man, he'd slap him right in front of her.

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