Kevin Jonas Talks About His Dynamic With His Wife And Daughters Now That He Is Back On Stage

Kevin Jonas Talks About His Dynamic With His Wife And Daughters Now That He Is Back On Stage
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All three of the Jonas Brothers are now fathers to daughters, and the oldest of them Kevin has recently talked about what it is like dealing with an active music career and having 2 daughters.

Kevin spoke to POPSUGAR on the subject explaining that he had both of his daughters during the 6 year hiatus of the Jonas Brothers and he never thought he'd have his daughters see him perform. He also talked about what it is like juggling his family life and music career in the following words:

"The band broke up, and then we had our first daughter , Alena. So, I never knew if she would know that side of her dad, but now it's a constant tug of war with our time because our girls have things here. They have their school, they have their passions, they have their friends, and I have to go tour. I have to go play shows."

Kevin further elaborated that he has his hands full between his family life and his music career but he and his wife Danielle work like a team to manage everything.

"You should see our home family calendar. It is insane." said the oldest Jonas, "I think communicating is key. Whether me and Danielle are working really hard to spend as much time together with the kids and deciding when to bring them or when not to bring them. And we try to always be together as much as possible, especially during a tour. It doesn't always work out that way because kids have to be in school. But we do the best we can."

Kevin also touched on the subject of having to help their daughters understand the consequences of the Jonas Brothers fame in the following words:

"I think we're cool until their friends start asking questions at school, and then it becomes a little weird. So, it's been something to navigate . . . [There are] conversations that we've had with our older daughter, specifically. I've had to have the 'Are they friends for the right reason?' conversation with her. And that's really unfair."

Kevin admitted that his daughters should not have to deal with the negative consequences of his fame because they are individuals on their own. He said:

"It's not her life that was in the spotlight, and yes, we posted pictures of her or whatever . . . but it's not always as easy and as cut-and-dry as, 'Oh . . . she's a Jonas. It doesn't matter.' No, she has her own life. And she is her own person, and we will support that no matter what."

Kevin is back out in the world of entertainment but he is not about to abandon his duties as a father and a husband, that much is evident.

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