Kevin Hunter Is Now Negotiating His Exit From "The Wendy Williams Show"

Kevin Hunter Is Now Negotiating His Exit From "The Wendy Williams Show"
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According to a report from Page Six, Wendy Williams husband, Kevin Hunter, has worked as an executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show since it first launched eleven years ago in 2008. A source close to the star said to the outlet that he's now negotiating an exit package amid news of their separation.

As it was previously reported, Williams filed for divorce from Mr. Hunter just last week, and the separation has proven to be a point of discussion on social media. On Monday's episode of her television show, the star addressed the controversy as well.

Hunter later released a statement on Tuesday morning in which he inadvertently and subtly referenced his supposed affair with Sharina Hudson. Kevin said that he had dedicated a significant portion of his life to helping his wife's show get off the ground, and he respects her unconditionally.

"I am not proud of my recent actions and take full responsibility and apologize to my wife, my family, and her amazing fans." As most know, this comes at a particularly difficult time for Mrs. Wendy Williams, considering she recently entered a rehabilitation facility for drug addiction.

Wendy attended a sober living home where she hung around other successful women struggling with similar problems. This also came after Wendy had taken a brief hiatus from her show in which she was replaced by Nick Cannon.

It was later revealed by multiple outlets, including Page Six and Us Weekly, that Kevin and Wendy were in the middle of getting a divorce. It was rumored that he had been cheating on her with another woman and even got her pregnant.

Nonetheless, there has been some positive support for Mrs. Williams online. One person on Twitter wrote, "even though you've talked badly about a lot of people on your show, I know that you're a good person and you'll get through this."

As fans of Wendy know, she has some upon tremendous success in her life, including a best-selling book, a nationwide television show, as well as multiple businesses including fashion, wigs, and jewelry companies.


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