Kevin Hunter Investigated After Someone Tips The Authorities That He Was Poisoning Wendy Williams

Kevin Hunter Investigated After Someone Tips The Authorities That He Was Poisoning Wendy Williams
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About three months before Wendy Williams filed for divorce from her husband of over two decades, Kevin Hunter, the police visited the home they used to share at the time. The reason? Apparently, the authorities had received a tip that the man was slowly poisoning his TV host wife.

As for who the caller was, they claimed to be someone working at her production company, Debmar-Mercury but refused to give them a name.

However, one insider has another theory as far as the claims are concerned – they believe the one tipping the police was in fact an ‘obsessed fan.’

On January 18, an officer and one detective arrived at Wendy’s house and Kevin was the one to answer the door.

According to their report, he was ‘hesitant to let [the police] in to speak with Mrs. Williams’ since she was allegedly ’sick and recovering from a health problem.’

Eventually, he did let them in and they saw Wendy head to toe covered in a blanket.

The police report continues to say that he was asked to speak with them in the hallway but Kevin argued that he did not want to leave Wendy’s side.

When asked how she was doing, Kevin said Wendy was ‘recovering from a broken shoulder.’

As for the poisoning suspicions, the detective asked Wendy about it in private and she apparently replied that ‘Well, I’m very popular.’

They insisted she tells them everything she knew and Wendy teared up and denied it.

Kevin told his wife she ‘didn’t have to go into her current health problem [since] a statement was released to the press regarding her health.’

Wendy once again insisted that she was Okay and the authorities left.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘A more likely explanation is that an obsessed fan, worried about Wendy’s absence from TV, ‘fake called’ in the anonymous welfare check to the police so that they could make sure that Wendy was OK while missing from TV.’

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