Kevin Hart's Wife Eniko Parrish Wants Access To His Devices After Sex Scandal

Kevin Hart's Wife Eniko Parrish Wants Access To His Devices After Sex Scandal

Eniko Parrish has not put Kevin Hart in the doghouse, but she has decided to tighten the leash, and now has requested all of the passwords to his devices.

Hart has landed in a serious pickle with his fan base, his ex-wife, Torrei, and Parrish.

The stunning model is currently pregnant with her first child and going through the stress of a lifetime.

It has been revealed via a sex tape that surfaced online that Hart was very busy in the sheets with a stripper who was later identified as Montia Sabbag.

In a statement issued by Hart's rep, it was stated that an unnamed female was trying to extort several millions of dollars in order not to expose him.

The proper authorities are investigating the matter.

Hart has been begging the mother of his unborn child for forgiveness and she gave it to him, but there are tons of strings attached.

She wants access to his phones and tablet to know what he is doing at all time.

The source claimed: “Eniko [Parrish] does genuinely believe Kevin [Hart] loves her and regrets the poor decisions he is made. His public apology and admission of guilt went a long way to making things right. But there’s still a ways to go. He is going to have to rebuild the trust because it was pretty much shattered. She wants all his passwords and the right to look at his phone anytime. Now, it is on him to prove to her that she can trust him.”

Meanwhile, Torrei is telling the world that she is living her best life.

She wrote: “Day 2 of shooting #PerfectlySingleMovie with by boy [Joe Torry]. I am just out here living my best life ever. God is good.”

A source close to the mother of two confessed: “Life is looking good for Torrei right now. She has been able to stay out of the mess surrounding Kevin and Eniko. She definitely feels a little vindicated. Karma is definitely a b*tch, and it is all unfolding right now. Especially with Eniko stirring up trouble with her comments recently. Torrei is not going to say it right now, but she was right all along. Look everyone makes mistakes, so Torrei is not going to put gasoline on this fire.

The comedian is said to be stressing about the situation.

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