Kevin Hart Wins Court Battle Over $60 Million Lawsuit

Kevin Hart Wins Court Battle Over $60 Million Lawsuit
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As fans of Kevin Hart know, he was embroiled in a $60 million lawsuit over the s*x tape controversy he was involved in back in 2017. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Kevin scored a massive victory because the lawsuit was tossed out of court.

Despite the fact Kevin has fostered a reputation for himself as an inexorable hard worker and a great person to be around, he has been involved in a number of controversies, mostly related to his personal life. Moreover, he was in a terrible car accident this past year.

As it was previously reported, someone tried to extort the stand-up comedian by threatening to release a s*x tape. Montia Sabbag was the woman involved in the videotape, and she accused Kevin Hart of leaking the recording on purpose for the sake of publicity.

It's not unreasonable to assume that Kevin wouldn't do such a thing especially considering he's still married to Eniko Parrish and they have children together, but that's neither here nor there. Regardless, The Blast picked up on court documents which confirmed the news today.

The lawsuit was thrown out of court for an interesting reason, notably, the fact it was "brought to the wrong venue," a federal judge in California ruled. The order read that because everyone involved in the lawsuit lives in California, it was not the matter of the federal government, and instead, belonged to the state's court system.

The lawsuit has caused trouble for Kevin in the past. Earlier this year, Kevin tried to get the suit thrown out because he claimed the person who served them simply threw all of the papers out of a car window in view of a security guard near his house.

Furthermore, Kevin had another $7 million lawsuit dismissed as well, so the performer is certainly doing well right now. In other words, it appears that Kevin has come upon a solid string of luck.

As it was noted above, last year, Kevin, Jared Black, and Rebecca Broxterman were involved in a car crash that nearly took their lives.

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