Kevin Hart Will Turn Down The Oscars Following Ellen's Defence Of Him

Kevin Hart Will Turn Down The Oscars Following Ellen's Defence Of Him
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Kevin Hart won't be hosting this year's Oscars after all of the media reports on his past tweets and then the Ellen DeGeneres Show appearence. A new report from Deadline suggested that the comic has made a final decision regarding the job.

It looks like the Academy will have to continue their search for the night of the 24th of February. A source who spoke with Deadline said, "the situation is still fluid and he could possibly change his mind, but this looks like his final answer."

According to Vanity Fair, Hart considered hosting duties at the Oscars shortly after his appearence on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in which she advocated in his name. Unfortunately, some people online weren't pleased with Ellen's support of him, but as some figures have said, these individuals are likely just a very vocal minority.

This past weekend, Hart wrote on his Instagram a message which appeared to suggest he was ready to get back in the ring. However, it was merely a message of personal growth, but some fans took it as a sign he would reconsider the hosting gig.

The star wrote, "then we all have the ability to grow and with that growth, comes a wealth of knowledge." The comic said a person can't change unless they're able to truly understand what growth even is.

VF claims Kevin's interview was "widely derided" by viewers. The outlet reported that fans were unhappy with Ellen's way of dismissing the comedian's critics by referring to them as "haters." When he was on the show, Hart said he didn't have a "homophobic bone" in his entire body.

Speaking on the controversy, the comic said he has moved on from the tweets from ten years ago, and he has "put his apology to work." Since then, he hasn't become the immature comedian that he once was. Later on, Don Lemon from CNN also urged Kevin to commit to LGBT issues.

As it was previously reported, Kevin was taken to task - yet again - for tweets in which he said he would be very upset had his son turned gay. Some of his friends in the scene, including Nick Cannon, tweeted out similar jokes made by comediennes like Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, and Chelsea Handler.


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