Kevin Hart Says His 2019 Was A Wild Ride

Kevin Hart Says His 2019 Was A Wild Ride
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There's no question Kevin Hart had a pretty tough year, starting with his Oscar awards controversy, and finishing off with a brutal car accident that nearly killed him.

Page Six claims the star recently released a long statement on his social media in which he stated, "2019 has been a h*ll of a year for me," and no one is denying that.

Earlier this week, Kevin placed a hand and foot imprint at the Chinese Theatre in LA. While accepting the honor, Mr. Hart stated he appreciates both the ups and downs, but especially the downs because they tend to build a lot of character. As fans of Kevin know, the 40-year-old star suffered severe back injuries back in September.

Additionally, as was noted above, Kevin stepped down from his hosting duties at the 2019 Academy Awards after media journalists unearthed old tweets of his in which he made homophobic jokes in 2009. On his IG account, Mr. Hart stated his appreciation for life is the best it has ever been.

Some of Kevin's friends and co-stars were also there for the ceremony, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Karen Gillan, in addition to Will Ferrell. The 52-year-old, Ferrell, said in his speech that he "loved Kevin so much," and referred to him as one of the funniest people around but also one of the "good guys" in Hollywood.

Mr. Ferrell stated Kevin was a "great family guy," in addition to a "great friend." Will described Kevin as the kind of guy who would have another's back during a difficult time, and it was that kind of behavior that made him a star.

As it was previously reported, Kevin Hart, Jared Black, and Rebecca Broxterman were in a car crash earlier this year. It led to serious injuries for nearly everyone involved, with the exception of Black's fiancée, Rebecca, who escaped relatively unscathed.

Black and Hart, however, suffered bad back injuries and even filed a lawsuit against the company that refurbished Kevin's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, accusing them of not installing proper safety mechanisms.

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