Kevin Hart Says He Would Never Host The White House Correspondents' Dinner

Kevin Hart Says He Would Never Host The White House Correspondents' Dinner
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This past year's rendition of the White House Correspondents' Dinner didn't go as well as planned. Michelle Wolf was the last comedian to helm the stage at the gathering, but she caught fire for some of her jokes.

While her performance was praised by the mainstream media, politicians within the Trump administration were less impressed with their continuous jokes at the president's expense.

And thus, the organization decided to say "no" to all comedic acts in the future. Some people online suggested it was because she "bombed so bad," while others argued it was to avoid controversy as well as direct criticisms of Trump.

Regardless, TMZ reported that next year's dinner will not have a comedian on stage. According to multiple outlets, Ron Chernow, a historian, will be the one to host the dinner for 2019.

You can see what Kevin has to say about it below:

Speaking with TMZ, Kevin Hart said he would never even consider the possibility of performing at the organization's annual gathering. Kevin said, "100 percent no," but he promises to spread positivity in everything that he does, every single day.

Moreover, Kevin is likely too busy to perform at the event anyway, considering as of late, he has starred in movie after movie, including Night School , co-starring alongside Tiffany Haddish.

As it was previously reported, Tiffany and Kevin's collaboration did very well at the box office for a comedy film.

Following the announcement from the White House earlier in the month, Wolf took to Twitter to accuse them of being "cowards," adding that the media was "complicit," and she couldn't be any more proud of herself.

Trump criticized the dinner as well, mostly because - in his view - it has turned into an annual gathering where anti-Republican celebrities bash politicians based on political affiliation and partisanship.

Ironically, former president Barack Obama once took the stage during an event and said that Donald Trump would never be the president in front of a crowd who all laughed at Donald's expense. In July of 2018, Donald took to Twitter to remind users that no one thought he could do it.

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