Kevin Hart Reveals The Time He Spilled Juice On Beyonce

Kevin Hart Reveals The Time He Spilled Juice On Beyonce
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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kevin Hart has been doing a lot to keep himself, and his fans, entertained. The star has been uploading all sorts of content on Instagram over the last two weeks, including a series in which he tells stories that people have never heard before.

On the 31st of March, Kevin also divulged on one of the more embarrassing incidents in his life, including when he spilled juice on Beyonce. BET reported on an Instagram post from the stand-up comic in which he told the story in detail.

According to Hart, he flat out spilled juice on Beyonce with Jay-Z sitting right beside him while at a nightclub for the All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas. While at the crowded nightclub, he asked Jay-Z if he wanted a drink, and when he reached over with a canister, pineapple juice spilled everywhere.

Consequently, Kevin claimed Beyonce was the recipient of most of the juice, with the vast majority of it splashing all over her legs and shoes. Jay-Z said to him after, "Kev, you just spilled pineapple juice all over my wife's legs and shoes."

Afterward, Kevin joked that he offered to pay them $20 for the spilled pineapple juice because he didn't have the money to replace the expensive outfit Beyonce was wearing. "True story," Kevin joked.

As it was noted above, Kevin has been telling a lot of funny stories from his life in the last few weeks, in addition to appearing on television talk shows like Ellen . However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of these productions have been shut down.

Television hosts have instead opted for video chat conversations with celebrities, entertainers, and influencers, to not only keep themselves busy but also for the entertainment of the public.

During his chat with Ellen, Kevin joked that he hasn't been cutting his hair lately because his barber is currently closed. There is a silver lining to the story, however, including Kevin's grey hair. The stand-up comedian stated that he's actually starting to like the grey-haired look. It looks like he might just keep it that way.

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