Kevin Hart Reveals He's '65 To 75 Percent' Recovered Following His Scary Car Crash

Kevin Hart Reveals He's '65 To 75 Percent' Recovered Following His Scary Car Crash
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Kevin Hart is on his way to complete recovery after his scary car accident back in September and he credits getting back out there so quickly to being a ‘little determined jackass.’ The funnyman opened up about his state while a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and told the host that at this point, he is 65 to 75 percent back to normal, which is obviously great news!

Following the car crash, Hart recalled that ‘I couldn't wipe my a**. You do not realize that your back's connected to everything. So, coming out of surgery, everything changed because you are just kind of helpless.’

That’s when Ellen points out that he took to social media not too long ago to show that he was at the gym!

‘I'm about 65 to 75% back to my physical self. My workouts aren't full. I am not lifting crazy weights, but I am back to weighted workouts, agility, mobility, core workouts,’ Kevin shared in response.

It’s obvious that while he’s been making great progress, Kevin has learned to appreciate the smaller things in life ever since the accident.

The same can be said about the people who really matter in his life.

‘You go, 'Wow, this is what real love is.' The things you think matter, you realize do not. You could not tell me nothing. When I put socks on, it was the biggest thing in the whole world.I've never been home for more than 8 days, ever, never. I've never been home for a consecutive period of 10 days straight. ...[Now,] I have been home for 3 months. Everyone got a little meaner to me around the house. I could not say anything because I needed everybody's help.’

At the same time, he admitted that while at home recovering he’s also been getting on his wife’s nerves.

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