Kevin Hart Refuses To Apologize For Past Tweets And Will No Longer Host Next Year's Oscars

Kevin Hart Refuses To Apologize For Past Tweets And Will No Longer Host Next Year's Oscars
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Kevin Hart's chance to host the Academy Awards is already over , following resurfaced homophobic tweets. Earlier this week, Kevin announced that one of his dreams had come true following his statement online essentially confirming he would be the host for next year's Awards ceremony.

However, after The Guardian and a few other publications reported on his past tweets, the Academy approached the comedian and told him to either apologize or pass on their offer.

Ultimately, Kevin chose to pass on hosting the Oscars, because he said that he refuses to apologize to "online trolls." It was people on Twitter who started talking about the actor/comedian's choice of words, pointing out that his purportedly homophobic material has lasted for decades, with many of it sounding "angry" and "fearful," as Billy Eichner described - although, he was actually somewhat defending Kevin's right to make jokes.

Now, the Academy is likely searching extremely hard to find someone who will replace Kevin on such a short notice. It may prove to be difficult because hosting the Academy Awards has been described as a thankless and challenging job.

In his initial statement, Kevin wrote that for many years, people have asked him if he would host the Oscars and his answer was always the same: yes. He went on to say that it was one of his biggest goals for a very long time.

Later on, the Twitter page for the Academy re-posted Kevin's message, essentially confirming that he would be its host. However, it didn't take long for social media and other outlets to start talking about some of his more controversial tweets from the past.

And even his Netflix special, Seriously Funny , came under fire for some of the allegedly homophobic material on it. On his Instagram, Kevin explained why he chose not to apologize for his previous jokes.

In the post above, Kevin said earlier that the real problem is not his routine, it's the way in which people online are constantly looking for something to be angry and negative about.

The comedian suggested that the real problem is in their own lives, rather than with his choice of comedy. The comic said he has addressed all of this before, and he will not apologize.

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  • Mrs. Truth
    Mrs. Truth Dec 7, 2018 3:10 PM PST

    So he can still continue to make movies and not have his career or reputation tarnished despite his refusal to apologize for distasteful remarks. Then you have Roseanne who gets the ax for comments of a similar nature which she apologized for, citing similar reasons for the comments. How does that work? Oh right, Kevin Hart isn't a Trump supporter. #He'sMYPresident

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