Kevin Hart Leaves Hospital Ten Days Following His Scary Accident - Details!

Kevin Hart Leaves Hospital Ten Days Following His Scary Accident - Details!
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According to new reports, Kevin Hart is no longer in the hospital after spending 10 days there following his scary car crash on September 1. TMZ claims the actor and comedian has been transferred at a live-in rehab facility where he is expected to undergo physical therapy.

The same news outlet also shared that he will be staying there for about a week before finally being allowed to go back home.

Apparently, Hart is very positive about his recovery and is just ‘grateful to be alive.’

Previously, an insider shared with ET  that he had fractured his spine in three places.

Another also dished that, after undergoing surgery, he was ‘heavily sedated.’

‘Kevin's spinal injuries are really serious, he sustained several fractures and he had no choice but have surgery as soon as possible. Since the surgery, he's been heavily sedated. The physicians are doing everything that they can to keep him out of pain.’

As of Monday, Hart has started to walk again but only a little.

Overall, reports say he is doing well and healing properly.

As you may know, Kevin was involved in a really bad car crash that left him and a friend of his seriously injured.

The said friend was the one behind the wheel, even though the car was Hart’s.

To learn more about the accident, a representative for the California Highway Patrol shared with ET that they are currently doing a mechanical inspection of the vehicle.

The final report is expected to take about two weeks.

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