Kevin Hart Is Getting A New TV Show Amid His Cheating And Extortion Scandal!

Kevin Hart Is Getting A New TV Show Amid His Cheating And Extortion Scandal!

Kevin Hart is killing it in the entertainment industry - except his recent PR disaster involving Montia Sabbag - as the legendary comic is now getting a TV show which will chronicle his rise to the top. Now that he's obliterated the box office, sold out stadiums, and sold out comedy shows, it appears as though Kevin is taking a step into television programming.

The comic has worked for his position in Hollywood, and now it's all paying off. Fortunately for his fans, his new show will show what it's like to be in his shoes as he became a meteoric success.

The man who will depict Kevin in the TV show will be Woody McClain, who portrayed Bobby Brown in The New Edition Story by BET. McLain is now on the front lines portraying the comedian and will even showcase Hart's comedic skills.

In an interview with BET, McClain divulged on his experiences playing Kevin Hart in the upcoming series which will premiere on Kevin's comedy application.

According to McClain, he was given the role by Hart himself. He explained, "I landed the role by taking his "Permission to Cuss" stand up and recreating what we all imagine what the story would've looked like." Not long after, the actor's phone rang and it was Kevin on the other end offering him the position.

Woody continued, explaining that he learned more about Kevin by portraying him during the sketches and studying his comedy routines rather than interacting with Hart face-to-face. McClain said that if he could master his mannerisms, then learning the role would be no problem.

This good news comes amid Kevin's disastrous fiasco with Montia Sabbag - an exotic dancer he was caught fraternizing during the middle of his wife's pregnancy. Kevin previously took to Instagram to offer a heartfelt apology to his fans and his family.


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