Kevin Hart Is Being Slammed For Being Homophobic Towards Lil Nas X In This Video After Getting Injured In Car Accident

Kevin Hart Is Being Slammed For Being Homophobic Towards Lil Nas X In This Video After Getting Injured In Car Accident
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Kevin Hart is getting dragged on social media for being homophobic after a video surfaced where he was being interviewed with Lil Nas X.

The pair appeared on LeBron James’ show, The Shop , where the singer spoke about his decision to come out as gay and many are upset by the way Kevin reacted.

When asked about his choice to come out, Kevin interjected: “He said he was gay... so what!?”

The country/rapper went on to explain about growing up in the hood and added: “Come on now. If you really from the hood, you know.”

One person had this reaction: “Why are they in this video acting like coming out in the black community is some easy task? Like why are they brushing it off like it some easy thing when you can literally go through these comments and see the homophobia in our community against our own people? Smh.”

The clip surfaced days after it was revealed that Kevin has been involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, and has been admitted to a hospital with major back injuries.

According to his wife, the situation was not as bad as it seems, as she pointed out that he was going to be okay, according to her.

The incident happened at some time in the night, when the car’s driver failed to control the vehicle, driving into an embankment by the road.

The driver himself, Jared Black, is reportedly also injured. The car was carrying a third passenger as well -- the fiancée of Jared, Rebecca Broxterman -- but she reportedly managed to get off without any damage.

There has been some speculation that the incident was caused by Jared, who was allegedly driving under the influence.

However, official reports have contradicted that story, pointing out that there was no alcohol or other substances in the organism of the driver at the time of the crash.

Kevin has issued a minor statement on the situation claiming that he did not want to cause any distractions, and apologizing for the incident -- something which has drawn responses of ridicule from multiple sides, as many were amazed that he could even think of apologizing at a time like this.

The actor has been subjected to various attacks over the years, as he previously had to cancel his appointment as host of the Oscars when people managed to dig old comments of his that painted him in a very negative light.

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