Kevin Hart Finally Dishes On R. Kelly Controversy - "You Gotta Talk To These Kids Man"

Kevin Hart Finally Dishes On R. Kelly Controversy - "You Gotta Talk To These Kids Man"
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Kevin Hart's name has been all over the headlines in the last month, however, this time, it's for a fundamentally different reason. Following the release of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly , Hart came out with his own opinion regarding the R & B singer's supposed criminal behavior toward women.

When speaking with Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM show, Radio Andy, the star said on Wednesday that after watching the series, he realized right away the importance of speaking to his children and making them feel comfortable.

Currently, the star has two children old enough to speak with about such matters: Heaven, 13, and Hendrix, 11. The star explained that it made him understand just how important it is to "be present" with his kids. In other words, it's absolutely crucial, as a parent, to talk with your children and make sure they're doing ok.

The star urged for society's kids to have "so much confidence in the ability to just have a conversation and talk." Without getting too inflammatory or indignant, Kevin said the entire situation was just "sad," and that it's probable that every person involved was suffering in some way.

The star said that what he realized is that he and the rest of the viewers were looking at some seriously "damaged individuals." Kevin described it as on some whole other level, "perverted," and "sick."

As you may or may not know, Kevin just had his first kid with Eniko Parrish back in 2017, and relating it all back to Kelly, Kevin said that it's important for parents to take all of that negative energy and fear, and direct it back into the household in a positive manner.

Hart added, "you don't want this to be your child," and described the necessity of taking care and "embracing" one's home life, family, and loved ones. Currently, the R & B legend is facing off against an investigation in the state of Georgia.

However, this won't be the first time that R. Kelly has been talked to by officials. In the past, the police supposedly conducted wellness checks, but the documentary explained to viewers that R. Kelly actually has friends in the police department who told him when they would visit.

It isn't clear how much of the docu-series is true at the moment, but either way, celebrities, for the last week, have done nothing but condemn Kelly and his behavior, including Joyner Lucas, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Chance The Rapper, and more.

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