Kevin Hart Explains That His Wife Held Him 'Accountable' Following Their Cheating Scandal

Kevin Hart Explains That His Wife Held Him 'Accountable' Following Their Cheating Scandal
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As the world knows by now, Kevin Hart's relationship with his wife, Eniko Parrish, wasn't always going so well. There was a time when the couple struggled to keep it all together.

Hot New Hip Hip picked up on a conversation Kevin had earlier Friday on The School of Greatness , in which he discussed how he and his wife managed to stay married and go on to having even more kids.

According to Hart, his wife told him that she liked the fact things we're going so well for them in a number of areas, but they now have something else to work on. In other words, Eniko expressed gratitude for the great home they live in and the family they have, but they clearly needed to work on their marriage.

Kevin claims she said to him that is what he owed her, "You owe me the get-better," Eniko explained. Kevin went on to say that his wife held him accountable for his actions over the last year-and-a-half. At the time of their cheating scandal, Eniko was pregnant with her first baby with Hart.

At that point, they had already been married for a little over a year. Kevin went on to say that Eniko was the "strongest person in the world" for what she had to go through. Fans of Hart know the comedian and his wife were the subjects of much social media criticism and vitriol.

Eniko, Kevin explained, was the one to say that it was very important that nothing in the outside world would infect their "inside." It appears that Kevin and Eniko managed to make this partnership work out for the better.

Kevin and Eniko just announced another baby back in March. Eniko wrote on the 'Gram that it was soon to be a "family of 6." For her Mother's Day post, Eniko said she screamed, laughed, and cried, when she found out she was going to have another baby.

Kevin and Eniko have certainly had a rough ride. This past year, he was involved in a car accident that nearly took his life.

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