Kevin Hart Begs Wife Eniko Parrish For Forgiveness With $250000 Push Gift

Kevin Hart Begs Wife Eniko Parrish For Forgiveness With $250000 Push Gift

Kevin Hart is telling himself -- nothing says "I am sorry for cheating and humiliating you" like a $250,000 gift.

If the latest rumors are accurate, Hart feels bad for his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, after getting caught in a sex scandal with stripper and singer Montia Sabbag and is, therefore, willing to spend a small fortune on a lavish baby shower and a push present.

A friend of the comedian told a popular publication that he is going to shower the woman carrying his baby with diamonds to show how committed he is to their marriage.

The person told the media outlet: “Kevin [Hart] is planning the ultimate push present to give to his wife, Eniko [Parrish]. He has not picked it out yet, but he has decided that it is going to be very expensive and have lots of diamonds. He wants this present to be a symbol of his love and commitment to Eniko and their new baby. Kevin asked his assistant to help pick out a super bling ring, necklace, or something classy out for Eniko in the $250k price range. Kevin is determined to prove to Eniko that he loves her and wants their relationship to last.”

Another insider claimed that Hart has nothing to worry about because while his wife is hurt, she is deep in the third trimester, and has no plans to raise a baby alone.

The source explained: “Eniko is hurt and angry, but she is nowhere near ready to walk away. She simply can‘t imagine her life without Kevin. He is her world, and it has been that way since she was 23 years old. Throwing it all away over one mistake is just not something she can do right now.”

The pal shared that Parrish is focused living a stress-free life and having a healthy baby.

The friend revealed: “Leaving him is not even a question, she is in her third trimester and already thinking like a mamma bear. Her child’s needs come first. And right now Eniko knows she needs to stay as calm and centered as possible. Breaking up with Kevin right now is only going to put more stress on her.”

Some commenters say that Hart should be honest with himself and start an open marriage if that is not already the case.

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  • Sparke Addams
    Sparke Addams Sep 25, 2017 12:10 PM PDT

    Now we have the Kobe effect . Stop it with this I got caught gifts. That I made you look like a fool. Now you and your wife going after your ex wife STUPID there's kids involved. What's next you walk away from your children. Beauty is only skin deep your ugliness is coming to the surfaced. No self control, more money more problems. Accept your fate. Own it, learn and move on. Never look in the rear view mirror. You'll never grow and learn if you keep doing the same shyt over an over. Kevin needs counseling. He'll never be good to anyone, if he's not good for himself. Grow up don't let your children out grow you.

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