Kevin Hart Appears To Get Cozy With Another Woman In Vegas Just Before The Alleged Sex Video

Kevin Hart Appears To Get Cozy With Another Woman In Vegas Just Before The Alleged Sex Video

Some new photos appeared showing Kevin Hart pretty close to another woman in a Las Vegas club, and they were reportedly taken just a few hours before he was allegedly filmed in a sexually suggestive video . Check out all the juicy details on the story below.

Kevin Hart is now at the center of an extortion scandal with an unidentified woman. She is threatening him to release a sexually provocative video of him in case he decides not to pay up.

TMZ has obtained some pics that appear to show him cozying up to someone else than his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish in a Las Vegas club back in August. The pics were allegedly taken in the same night the alleged bedroom video was filmed.

In the photos, a man who the sited identified as Kevin can be seen chatting up a woman who is seated on a ledge.

In a shot, their heads are nuzzled together as she is speaking closer to his ear and this looks very intimate.

The woman's identity is not confirmed yet, and it is not very sure if the woman is the same one from the 'sexually aggressive' video or if she is the woman who is extorting Kevin.

All we do know is that these two looked like they were spending a bit of time together at the club.

A woman named Montia Sabbag came forward and revealed (via her lawyer Lisa Bloom) that she was briefly involved with Kevin last month.

It was not yet confirmed that she is the woman featured in the alleged bedroom video or the photos or if she is the person who is extorting Kevin.

Lisa and Montia will be holding a press conference to explain her involvement in the situation and to reveal their plans of moving forward.

Meanwhile, Kevin has apologized to his wife and kids in an Instagram video, and he has promised to do better in the future.

At the same time, Kevin has also promised that he won’t be taken advantage of by whoever is extorting him. Even the FBI is involved in the case .

'And in this particular situation, that’s what was attempted. I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes.' Since there is a legal investigation involved, Kevin could not comment any further. However, it appears that Eniko is standing by him, as they were photographed out to lunch together just recently on September 19.


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