Kevin Hart And Meek Mill Are 'Super Close' Despite Shady Exchange Online - There's No Beef!

Kevin Hart And Meek Mill Are 'Super Close' Despite Shady Exchange Online - There's No Beef!
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Kevin Hart and Meek Mill seemed to have a little bit of a beef when the rapper body-shamed the comedian and he clapped back. However, it turns out that the shade was all in good fun and Hart was well aware of that.

Furthermore, one insider report also claims that there’s no promise there won’t be any more dissing between the two men but they’ve learned to avoid ‘hurt feelings.’ Here’s how!

As fans remember, after Kevin posted a pic of him in just boxers, Meek suggested his body ‘wasn’t ready’ to pose like that.

But it sounds like he was not affected by the shady comment thrown at him.

‘Meek and Kevin have been really close friends for years and have always had a playful banter with each other like Kevin does with most of his friends. Kevin thought Meek’s jab was hilarious and made sure to hit him right back with it,’ the insider shared with HollywoodLife.

That’s right! In response, Hart had a savage body-shaming message of his own.

‘You better shut yo duffel bag built body a** up man 😂😂😂😂,’ he wrote, making a lot of people online laugh.

The source went on to say that ‘Kevin and Meek are super close and Meek even attended Kevin’s 40 birthday party last month, so of course there were no hurt feelings whatsoever. The banter is something we’ve seen similar to Kevin’s relationship with Dwayne [“The Rock” Johnson] and it’s just who Kevin is. Kevin has nothing but love for Meek.’

Indeed, Hart was there for Mill when he was stuck behind bars back in April.

Not only was he one of the many celebrities who were trying to get the rapper out, the comedian even visited Mill in jail.

It was the day before his release and he also took to social media to celebrate it at the time.

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