Kevin Hart And Eniko Hart Are Slammed On Social Media For Throwing A Party For Their Son Themed 'Cowboys & Indians'

Kevin Hart And Eniko Hart Are Slammed On Social Media For Throwing A Party For Their Son Themed 'Cowboys & Indians'

During last week, Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart threw their son a birthday party that was themed Cowboys & Indians. They were hit with tons of backlash on social media.

It was Kenzo's first birthday party, and his parents wanted to offer the kid the time of his life.

'Zos cowboys & indians party was nothing but amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming.. we love you guys! ♥' Eniko captioned her post which was a picture of family and friends dressed up in Native American attire.

The Shade Room wrote that 'While the celebration seemed harmless, some people on social media called the couple out for the birthday party, claiming the theme was offensive and disrespected Native American heritage.'

'Disgusting. This is equivalent to having a KKK and black slaves party. #interminorityappropriation,' someone posted on Twitter.

Others urged the family to look at the party celebration from a different perspective, comparing it to blackface.

'We all celebrate Thanksgiving! But your so quick to judge about them wearing cowboys and Indian outfits. Maybe we should all stop celebrating Thanksgiving as well because that celebrates disrespects to Native Americans as well. Whew, Chile! The ignorance!' someone defended the kid's parents' choice.

Another follower said 'I personally am not offended, but I feel like being in the social climate we’re in they should’ve known better.'

Someone else noted that 'Yet people gather around the living room EVERY year to celebrate Thanksgiving!!!!! I guess we’re all celebrating genocide and slavery.'

What's your opinion? Did they choose the wrong theme for Kenzo's birthday party?

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  • Carys
    Carys Nov 27, 2018 7:43 AM PST

    Kevin Hart can do whatever he wants for his child's birthday and...f public opinion get a life people your opinions don't matter!?

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