Kevin Federline Says That His 'Hands Are Full' Regarding His Six Children

Kevin Federline Says That His 'Hands Are Full' Regarding His Six Children
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Kevin Federline isn't interested in having any more kids at this point in his life, because he already has enough. Federline said to reporters from Us Magazine that he "loves" his children, and they're "awesome," however, he doesn't need anymore.

While hosting at The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the 41-year-old said to the outlet that he wasn't going to have any more children. Currently, Kevin has six children, two of whom he shares with Britney Spears.

Kevin has Sean Preston and Jayden, who are 14 and 13 respectively with the singer. Moreover, Kevin has a daughter and son with actress, Shar Jackson, who are 17 and 15. The DJ has two other daughters as well with Victoria Prince.

Speaking on his career path, Kevin said it's great to be in the music scene as a DJ because you have a better idea of what's going on in the mainstream music scene. According to the DJ, many kids come up to ask him about music, however, he tells them that they should know because they're the kids.

According to Federline, his children don't care so much about the Top 40 charts. They're more concerned with songs on SoundCloud and Spotify. Federline claims that for his children, it's all about SoundCloud and Spotify, rather than traditional platforms.

While things are going well on his end, Federline has run into some problems with the family of Britney Spears, especially her father, Jamie. In fact, he filed a restraining order against Britney's father on behalf of their children together.

An insider who spoke with the aforementioned outlet claimed that Sean Preston was scared and locked himself into a room. Jamie supposedly broke into the room and began to shake him. The source claims the restraining order bars Jamie from seeing either children, Jayden or Sean Preston, for the next three years.

Furthermore, Britney and Federline have since changed the degrees of their custody agreement. It used to be 50/50, but now, it's 70/30 in Federline's favor in terms of unsupervised custodial rights.

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