Kerry Washington Sparks Controversy With Revealing Altuzarra Golden Globes Dress

Kerry Washington Sparks Controversy With Revealing Altuzarra Golden Globes Dress
Credit: Source: Altuzarra/Instagram

Most of the red carpet looks at the 77th annual Golden Globes were well-received, but a few caused people to share their negative views. One of the most controversial looks of the night was worn by Kerry Washington. She chose an Altzuzarra gown that had no bodice — only a knotted rope fixture that held it at the top. She wore the dress with a blazer. The skirt had a high slit at the side and some people felt that the dress didn't even look as if it was a finished garment. On the positive side, some people praised Kerry saying she chose to wear something daring and unsafe.  Some praised her boldness and said she truly made a statement with the outfit. On the other side, some said the dress looked trashy, was not classy, and appeared as if it had been thrown together at the last minute.

Kerry carried off the dress proudly and didn't seem to be aware that there was a controversy brewing with home viewers as she never buttoned up the blazer but left it open.

You may see several photos of Kerry Washington that Altuzarra shared on their official Instagram account below.

Kerry's hair and makeup; however, are winning praise. She wore her hair in a straight, chin-length bob that flattered her features and accentuated her beautiful face. Kerry is known for her beauty and some people felt that the dress was unbecoming to a woman of her beauty and stature.

Kerry wore a bold, vibrant red lip that was striking with the color of her ensemble. The dress's bodice showed off plenty of Kerry's skin and Kerry's red lip was eye-catching. Her eyebrows were perfectly arched and she wore a light, shimmering eyeshadow on her lids. Her eyes were framed under very long eyelashes and her makeup was beautiful.

You may see a close up of Kerry Washington's face and hair in the photos below.

Though Kerry's hair and face were gorgeous, the jury is still out on Kerry's Altuzarra dress.

What do you think about the revealing dress that she wore? Do you think it was appropriate for the Golden Globes?


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