Kerry Washington Slams Trump In Her Acceptance Speech

Kerry Washington Slams Trump In Her Acceptance Speech
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Kerry Washington delivered a speech last night at the GLSEN Respect Awards where she indirectly attacked Donald Trump for his "divisionary" and "discriminatory" government policies. She said in her speech that she "feels as though we are living through a horrific dream."

According to the actress, the White House "literally preaches divisions and discrimination." The 40-year-old actress who recently became a mom revealed motherhood gave her a newfound perspective on life and how a person should interact with the world.

In her speech, she said that our society should embrace the LGBT community, the group of individuals who "elites" oppress in society due to their heterogeneous nature.

Kerry said that our schools should embrace "inclusivity, understanding, and acceptance," because it empowers those of oppressed communities as well as those of the dominant groups.

Washington stressed the importance of creating a society that includes everyone and makes each feel "loved." At the end of her statement, she emphasized the significance of setting "the right example" for the next generations to develop positively.

Kerry continued by saying that the people who are fighting to create an inclusive and loving environment are the real leaders who will direct us out of "this nightmare."

Additionally, the actress claimed that Donald Trump and men like Harvey Weinstein have contributed to a culture that oppresses women and holds them down.

As you may already know, Natasha Stoynoff claimed that Donald assaulted her when People Magazine assigned her to his Mar-A-Lago estate. As for the GLSEN Respect Awards, the organization commits itself to the honor of educators, individuals, corporations, and other individuals who have made a "significant impact" on the lives of the youth in the LGTBQ community. Washington, as well as Zendaya Coleman, took home the Gamechanger award.


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