Keri Hilson Posts Alluring Photo In Skin-Colored Bathing Suit And Is Automatically Compared To Beyoncé; Drama Ensues

Keri Hilson Posts Alluring Photo In Skin-Colored Bathing Suit And Is Automatically Compared To Beyoncé; Drama Ensues
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Anguilla looks great with Keri Hilson in it wearing a skin-colored bathing suit, but the endless Beyoncé comments have muddied her Caribbean aqua blue water.

The uber-talented songwriter and singer is having the time of her life on the luxurious island of Anguilla.

Miss Keri Baby shared a few pictures where she is lounging on a chair near the perfectly turquoise ocean.

As stated above, Keri is known for her writing skills which is why this beautiful caption did not surprise many: "I swim the ocean, I dive the seas, To renew the girl, I know as “me.”

One person replied, "She looks better then bey lowkey," causing a debate to take place about the constant comparisons between the diva.

A fan said to stop creating drama and added: "The picture ain’t got nothing to do with Beyoncé and all of you bringing her up. She’s the standard for these girlies I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️Ms. Keri, baby! 😍🥰♥️💕 You are still - and have been for a long time - a gorgeous and tremendously talented woman that I look up to. And I am looking forward to the blessing of working with you one day. Peace and blessings, Keri-oke! 🥰"

A second follower explained: "All the bees get riled tf up when somebody says “ Keri looks better than Beyonsay” but yes, Finer than Beyonce. She is not aging 😩🤩 I love her whole life ❤️😂😂Been MIA SINCE BEYONCE DESTROYED HER “CAREER” how you are doing sis. 🗣"

Another music lover shared: "Everyone doesn’t have to be compared to Beyoncé damn, she’s beautiful enough to stand on her own 💪🏿one of the prettiest natural singers 😍😍😍😩 when we getting Keri back out with a new album ??? hmmmmm tell em the truth part2. I still don’t get how her career got ruined for telling the truth. She did write for Beyoncé & Ciara & a bunch of y’ all faves 🤷🏽‍♀️."


This backer claimed: "This how I’m trying to be this summer laid on the beach with somebody nappy headed son 😩😩.Don’t you all start with the comparisons? All of our black queens are beautiful. No need to compare and tear one down to uplift the other.My fave. Girl I heard you put out something this summer and I want you to know I can’t wait. I will always be a fan of Ms. Keri Baby. 💖😘"

It seems that social media is determined to keep this decade-old "feud" alive.

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  • S. Bell
    S. Bell May 10, 2019 7:03 AM PDT

    I love all my beauty black people in Hollywood!!!!

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