Keri Hilson Looks So Good In New Jamaica Photos That Some Fans Say It Is Scary

Keri Hilson Looks So Good In New Jamaica Photos That Some Fans Say It Is Scary
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It is Miss Keri Hilson, and she has taken over hot and sunny Jamaica. The talented singer and songwriter shared a few stunning pictures that were taken in the tropical paradise where she is makeup free and showing off her perfect figure in a sheer white dress.

The hitmaker has a few fans saying that it is scary how flawless and ageless Keri looks. Others said she was a divine beauty who needs to release new music as soon as possible.

One fan told the diva: "Why does Beyoncé have to be insulted just to lift up Keri? Can’t we lift them both? Anyway, love you Keri was just listening to you on my way home from work Heart-attack forever my fav. Divine Beauty. Remember when things don't go as planned. You got make it happen. Yo in got to push your way. And be a Boss you got to say this sh*t is going happen if someone stops you from doing what you need to do. Push your way through. Used your, Keri, it's your time to come hard. Don't pay the haters any mind. Keep going keep going. I know how it feels to give up sometimes. But you got this fat to keep going push your way through Super Powers. 👊👊👊👊👊"

Another commenter stated: "You are blessed and beautiful, loved by 4.3 million people and counting. Masterpiece impressive individual... I love your eyes and magnetic smile. That’s all that natural coconut oil we put my face always oily at home 😂 keeps the wrinkles away. Humans sweat, get over it. All of you really are negative for no reason, y’all lives must be so boring and horrible."

This third follower had this to tell Keri: "When are you coming back? I haven't forgotten about your wonderful gift your voice I hope you use all that u have been through to prove to yourself not anyone else that you can u are powerful and loving God bless you.Keri top 3 most naturally beautiful females are walking this earth! Don't @ me; I said what TF I said. Your skin is as smooth as the water....i luv this girl sho nuff ❤️🌷You're so very fine, oh damn, it's a lil bit scary.
Keri isn’t even aging. Wt?"

A fourth person asked Keri her thoughts on R. Kelly's scandal: "You made a song with @rkelly despite all the allegations and the tapes... how do you feel about that? As an artist is money more important than principles? And as a woman? And most importantly as a black woman????"

Keri does not leave other people to dictate how she should handle things.

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