Keri Hilson Finally Explains Why She Never Released An Album In 9 Years -- Who Did Not Want To See Her Grow?

Keri Hilson Finally Explains Why She Never Released An Album In 9 Years -- Who Did Not Want To See Her Grow?
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Keri Hilson penned an emotional letter to her many fans explaining why they have not gotten any new music for the past nine years.

Keri, a talented singer and songwriter, her last album was No Boys Allowed , which was released in 2010, a year after her debut album, In a Perfect World.. .

Rumors claimed that Keri's comments about Beyonce got her blackballed in the music industry.

The Think Like A Man actress made the following confession:

One follower told the diva: "There’s absolutely nothing, possibly, the same lawyer who assisted you in this previous deal can do, negotiate for your departure from the situation? Are you contractually forbidden to do any “mixtapes” w/ DJs or feature verses elsewhere? Or do they have to approve that? Hopefully, the obstacles will soon pass, and we’ll be blessed again by you Honeybun!! Keep the faith and remain patient. 💪🏽💪🏽"

This supporter added: "I’m soooo sorry Keri u have too go through This i wish I could be your manager lol I would tell u go the hell on and release your music I’ve been a fan since day one I listen to your music on YouTube and daily your something bout love is a great song I miss you so much I'm tired of good artists going through this I pray to god that u come harder then ever good luck u will need it I don’t get it it’s your music u should be able to release it like it’s yours not there’s. Stay strong, and focus on the things you can control. This will bring u peace. Blessings. Stay 💪🏿 Queen a gift is exactly what it is a gift. The universal creator (God) doesn't make mistakes. It's a process indeed. The victory is not to the swift and strong but to thoughts who fight to the end. Of the process. Win type of time.🖤

This third positive comment read: "Release your music... NOONE should feel "stifled" or be "held back" from what is in their heart... we ALL need to remember that how you "feel/see/expect/anticipate" is not what necessarily is "to be" BUT you SHOULD express your "feelings" in the knowledge that what you "want" may not "B4U". Clearance granted, "remember you limits"While STILL expressing the "song in your heart." How could that "be wrong" when it was "given to you to feel?"

Are you eager to hear new music from Keri?

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