Kenya More Calls Out Her RHOA Co-Stars For Playing Games And Justifies Bringing The Cookie Lady To Brunch

Kenya More Calls Out Her RHOA Co-Stars For Playing Games And Justifies Bringing The Cookie Lady To Brunch
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Kenya Moore is the villain of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She says that people may not like her because she keeps it real -- unlike some of he co-stars.

In a recent interview with Claudia Jordan's show on Fox Soul, Kenya said that her castmates get together and fake friendships around what makes them more popular.

'It is smarter, honestly, to pretend to be someone's friend pretend not to have a beef with someone -- brush it over a lot of girls do that because they play to the fans. They go 'oh what would make me most popular? Oh what would make me people like me the most? Oh I should be friends with this one I should make up with that one? Okay who has the most Instagram followers? Okay who likes who at the moment? I should go ahead and be friends with them.' That's the kind of games they play on our show.'


She went on to say that the producers know nothing about it because the girls get together without the showrunners and plot on their next moves.

'When you've been veterans on the show for ten, twelve years -- you start playing a lot of games. The girls who are real like myself, unfortunately, I just have to be honest.'

Many commentators who saw the clip on a Housewives fan page took it as shade towards Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams' reunion.

Another subject she mentioned was her infamous cookie lady debacle where she invited a woman who said that Tanya Sam's man was flirting with her to brunch with Tanya and the other ladies.

She called out fans for bashing her when she said that Sam was the one in the wrong for starting with her by talking about her hair piece.

Followers said that Kenya's vicious response was uncalled for.

'A wig does NOT equal bringing some lady to lunch. Kenya always takes everything too far and then wants to play victim. Yes Tanya was shading you but you did too much with that cookie lady.'

'Girl no what Tanya did was not mean. Now we not keep twisting this shit 🙄 someone showing a wig that you do wear is in a no way tarnishing a hair care brand because all women wear protective styling. Nobody cared. What you did came from an evil place trying to destroy a home. Like stop.'

'Tanya talking about a wig and you trying to ruin her relationship will never be okay, no matter how you flip it. Just own it !!!!.'

What do you think of Kenya's comments?

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