Kenya Moore's 'Siren Vibes' Have Fans Calling Her The Hottest Housewife - See Her Latest Photo

Kenya Moore's 'Siren Vibes' Have Fans Calling Her The Hottest Housewife - See Her Latest Photo
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore shared a photo on her social media account in which she's showing a massive cleavage. She's also rocking a gorgeous necklace, and fans are here for this sensual look that she's flaunting.

Just the other day, Kenya managed to make her fans really happy when she shared a video with her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly. She called her daughter, ‘Baby Mozart’.

Anyway, here's Kenya's photo that has fans in awe and praising her looks.

Someone told this to Kenya: 'I was watching housewives, and I didn’t know my boyfriend was a fan of yours. It was interesting because he doesn't watch reality but had to put in his 2 cents about Kenya Moore. That is all.'

One follower gushed over the RHOA star and said: 'You have always been so pretty to me,' and someone else who seemed really worried posted this: 'Does your husband hit you? It really seems like you are afraid of him every time he says something to you, and you disagree.'

A commenter wrote: 'I love you💞 Please stop letting Marc bring you down!!!!' and someone else said: 'Please throw a surprise Nene Leakes phasing out party on rhoa as it will be shady and epic lmao 😭'

Someone posted: 'My Queen!!! I love this look and love you even more! It's just funny how people try and throw shade about your relationship but turn Ray Charles to their own shit, keep twirling boo! @thekenyamoore #teamtwirl #gonewiththewindfabulous.'

Another follower wrote: 'Kenya, you're so beautiful - keep on glowing just like the diamond that you are!'

One other fan said: 'Stop letting Marc drag you - you are too fabulous for that.

More of Kenya's fans told her that Marc Daly treats her poorly, and she should never get back together with him.

These two broke up last year, and since then, she hinted that t heir wonderful baby girl, Brooklyn Daly, might lead to a reconciliation .


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